Friday, April 25, 2014

Obama on Easter

One challenge on any Sunday, but especially Easter Day is getting my kids to wear what I set out for them. Elias, in particular, can not physically tolerate button-down shirts without an undershirt and then he can only endure them for the allotted hour and a half.  I had collected shoes and tights and white sweaters and blue blazers and little sweater vests for the crew.  I carefully laid out their clothes the night before, including underwear and socks.  (Elias had worn Christmas tree socks the night before at the Vigil.) When I came home I saw them dressed like this:


However, there is evidence they were dressed up at one point:

And this one shows Elias managed to put his button down shirt over his blue blazer.  Details, mom, details.

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bibi said...

Best laid plans ...