Saturday, November 23, 2013

Community Day: Astronauts and Priests

Elias class had been working on unit on communities.  The unit included having each child pick a career they were interested in pursuing and then building a habitat for that career in their special "town."  They studied urban, suburban, and rural communities.  They studied maps which elicited a lot of questions from Elias--especially about the grouping of continents as one long ago.The community unit pinnacled in community day in which the kids shared songs and poems about what it means to be a part of a community. Then they also invited parents to come in and showcase their careers so the kids could consider those professions.

Here is the astronaut with his space station.  Of course, he used all recyclable materials per usual.


These are pictures of "busytown." I forgot to mention that each class had a mayoral run.  Elias chose to ran and gave a little speech, but was not elected mayor of Busytown.

Each child wrote an essay about their profession.


It's not every day that a thurible is allowed into the school cafeteria.  Daddy brought a few tricks of the trade for career showcase.  He even showed the kids the oil used for anointing upon baptism.  One child begged him for an impromtu baptism right there.  The other great comment of the day was that Adam was teaching the kids there are many different ways to pray: standing, sitting, kneeling, etc.  He said that we even can pray using our senses like when we use the thurible with incense.  Later, when Adam asked Elias what he learned he said, "I learned that when you make the church stink it's another way to pray."

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bibi said...

Looks like an interesting unit and an opportunity for Eli's creative recyclables to shine. Stinky church - another way to pray - never though of it like that. Nice of Adam to participate.