Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer, Part 1

Our first part of summer is officially over.  Swim team, swim practice, and the meets, and social gatherings came to an end last Wednesday night. Both older kids really enjoyed being on the team.  Our swim days left us with a lot of open-ended time for the rest of the day.

We pursued some fun projects, like putting up a tire swing. Our house is not set-up with a yard, but I thought putting a tire swing together would be a subtle way of marking the front corner of the church yard as our own, especially now that we have a front porch that opens up onto the yard.

One celebration in downtown Media, which is festive, is the celebration of Bastille Day.  We headed out on a Friday evening to join in the festivities.

And one other special treat was a gift of free tickets to a Philly game for four people on a Thursday late afternoon.  So, Josiah got to go to his first Phillies game that he would remember. (He went as a newborn in a Bjorn.)  Nobody can say that the summer is not treating the kids well!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Coastal, rugged Maine rocks and air

The cottage we rented was delightful. Simple. White. Stark and I loved all the wood.

We enjoyed the hikes except when the kids got too close to the water on these high jagged rocks.

We also found a boat ride out to the Isle of Springs was a real treat.

And the little community house and tennis court were our kids first exposure to the game.  They loved it even though Josiah was playing with a squash racquet.

Some beautiful vistas.  If you look carefully, you can see a cross as this is a dock for the Episcopal Church on the island.

And one with Adelaide and her Bibi

A Maine wedding

Our dear friend, Leigh, who was my student back when I was a chaplain at UW-Madison was married in a lovely liturgy and reception in Ellsworth, Maine a few weeks ago. Leigh became a priest under my watch and attended Virginia Theological Seminary and then went on to finish a Phd in philosophy.  Her new husband is from Moscow, Russia.  We were delighted to attend and made a vacation out of the trip.